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Too much information

So, in the middle of November I got a new boss because my old boss accepted a position closer to her house. Anyway, so I have this new boss and she's NOTHING like my old boss. This one is loud, boisterous and feels the need to tell me anything. ANYTHING!! Yesterday I was relaying a funny little story to her and she was laughing so hard that she was crying. Well, then she proceeds to tell me a little story of hers. She says "Have you ever heard of the phrase 'Mix up a batch, and one for your snatch'?" Okay, I can only imagine where this is heading. So then she tells me that she dyed her cooch, then she tells me that she shaved it all off once and that she'd never do it again because it itched so bad. Who shares this sort of information with one of her employees? Not that I was appalled or anything, I just don't want to know what color or whether her beaver has any hair. Those sorts of things should be kept private!
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