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Please let me go home!

So I'm sitting here and all I can hear is Marge talking, or should I say yelling, to someone on the phone. The only reason I say yelling is because she is one of those people that likes to talk louder than others thinking that they will hear her better if she says it louder. It's a power struggle thing. Anyway, I'm irritated and her constant banter is not helping the situation. I'm 8 minutes from going home and she is the last thing I want to deal with today.
Oh thank god!!!! She's off the phone!!
So, to just add to my annoyance today, I had to hear about Linnea and her arm/wrist/mental state whatever the fuck it is. She's a hyper hypo and I just can't deal with her. That's why I've given up saying hello in the morning, don't want to hear about her ailments.
And, to top it off, there is this woman who works at HealthPartners whom I really don't like because she's one of those people that no matter how many times you try and tell her something she just doesn't get it, and she's not very nice. Anyway, she went in for surgery and I guess while she was in post-op she had a PE and it moved and she died. So, I guess I should quit saying mean things about her.
Two more minutes to go, two more minutes to go...
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