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News of the Weird

So last night we lost our first softball game. We weren't too upset about it because we played the best team in the league and we were winning until the last inning when they hit a grand slam. And by the way, the guy who hit the grand slam used to play on a B league and we're a D league. I managed to pull a muscle in my crotch (actually it's my hip flexor) and the girl who replaced me hurt her leg so we had to have a guy play 2nd base and sub another girl in somewhere. It was a mess. We were subbing people in left and right.
In other news, today is the Matchbox 20 concert. You know what that means, Maroon 5 is here. They're playing at the Xcel, which by the way is 2 blocks away from my work. We're taking a coworker out for lunch today and I'm going to do everything in my power to try and find those five fine men!!!!
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