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The nerve of some women!

All I have to say is that women are skanks! They don't care if a man has a girlfriend or not, they sell themselves to anyone, like fake gucci on the corner. So let me elaborate:
Sean and I were working last night at the pub. Normal night, fun people, fun coworkers. Anyway, I see Sean talking to these two ladies at the bar. I didn't think much of it because Sean tends to be a talker. So anyway, I'm having a cigarette in the back room and he comes in and tells me that the two ladies at the bar wanted to know what he was doing between 2pm and 6pm. He told them that he would be spending the day with his girlfriend (meaning me). They then said that he should try and get away from me for a little while because they wanted to auction him off. Who the fuck are these women? I know that I can trust Sean, it's the nasties that I worry about. Those nasties being women who will sell themselves to anyone for anything. Regardless of whether he is taken or not.
We all know what it feels like to be cheated on, I was. At least I have enough respect for myself to never do that to another woman (even if I think she's a cunny bitch) because I know that feeling, and I don't wish it on anyone.
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