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I've been in this strange funk for the past week. I have no idea why. Maybe it could be because last Friday I had to shell out $1800 to some fucker who is too stupid and lazy to do anything right and the law is always on the side of those type of fuckers. I don't get it, I have to work two jobs just to get by. I guess it doesn't help that I live in a city where there is a 2% vacancy rate so those wanker slumlords can charge whatever they feel for a 300 sq-ft apartment that you couldn't even put a couch in. Where's my fucking assistance. I guess my assistance is being classified into a higher tax bracket so that I can be ass raped out of even more of my money. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for helping but I'm not for enabling.
Or maybe it could be because I just had to spend $400 dollars to get my brakes fixed in my car. Now that is anal rape!
And, to just smear shit icing on my crap cake, my boyfriend's roommate's girlfriend just dumped him so now I'm also a grief counselor. Good riddance to the ugly girl in my opinion. She was 22 and looked like she was 32. That's what tanning for 10 years will do to you!! Damn leather faced hussy bitch!
So, that's been my week. Thank god it's almost over. At 3:30 I leave here to go to the other job then home. Pillow top queen with down comforter, here I come!!!
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