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So Becky and I were in Video Update yesterday and the cutie patootie at the desk looked a little flustered and asked if we wanted to rent the dvd we brought up. I said "No, we actually came here to see your cute little face" I think that startled him even more because then he said "well, we are a good looking bunch" which they all are at the video store. The hottie looked like JR Richards, there was another one there who kept smiling, and then there's the one who has the bad dreads colored aqua, but man, are they all ever a bunch of hotties!!
Oh, and on our way to the video store we drove past this guy who was UBER FINE!
I guess spring is here!!!!
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there is this uberfine guy who works at the hollywood video in mankato. Friend Jen and i were there, and we rented this psuedo-porn called 'the piano teacher' and Hotness checked it out for us. so like two days later we went back (because we are losers with little else to do but rent videos) and Hotness was working again! so-we ended up renting something non-controversial so that he would get the impression that all we do is sit around watching sick and twisted films...although that is pretty much all we do.