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So Matt and I had it out today. We started talking about music and how I think music these days is a joke. When Nelly is nominated for some dumbass song called "It's getting hot in herr" yet they deny real musicians like Ryan Adams, Howie Day, Dishwalla, I could go on. So Matt said that he doesn't really care about the words, only if the music moves him. Hey, I understand that mentality, I know I've grooved to a little J Timb-a-lake in my day, but I wouldn't go so far as to call him a great artist. The music companies feed us this crap and expect us not to get explosive diarrhea.
George Michael said it best when he said that musicians these days aren't making their money off of their own words and feelings, they're making it off someone else's.
I just don't want great musicians to have to wait 20 years to get recognized like Joni Mitchell did.
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